Our Price List is set according to the type and complexity of work. It is set in two currencies according to the member’s country of residence. All Quotes will be made according to the number of words/pages and complexity of work. Please read Terms & Conditions for more information.


Price/per word
AUD (Cátia) GBP (Inês)
General Translation
English to Portuguese $0.14 £0.08
Portuguese to English $0.15 £0.08
Technical Translation
English to Portuguese $0.16 £0.10
Portuguese to English N/A N/A

Content Production/Editing/Proofreading

DescriptionPrice/per page
AUD (Cátia) GBP (Inês)
Content Production/Editing
General Content
(doubled spaced page)
$25.45 £10.01
General Content
(single spaced page)
$28.00 £13.01
Complex Content
(doubled spaced page)
$30.50 £15.01
Complex Content
(single spaced page)
$33.50 £18.01
General Content $17.30 £4.51
Specialised Content $20.40 £7.51
Special Formats
Special Formats
(tables, charts, etc)
$20.40∗∗ £9.01∗∗
∗ excluding special formats.
∗∗Prices shown are set per document.

Literary Appraisals

DescriptionPrice/per 10 pages
GBP (Inês)∗
Works with less than 50 pages £13.18
Works with more than 50 pages £8.79
∗ includes report and reading notes

Certified Translation

DescriptionPrice/per page
AUD (Cátia)∗
Single Copy
English to Portuguese $40.00
Duplicate Copy and Certification
Documents up to 20 Pages
Documents with 21 to 50 Pages
Documents with more than 50 Pages
Australian Express Post - Documents up tp 500g
(Australia only)
∗ Please read our Terms & Conditions for Certified Translation Services
∗∗Price show is set for documents up to 500g. For bigger size documents Terms & Conditions apply.
∗∗ All prices shown above do not include GST/VAT. GST/VAT will be charged when applicable.