Casino Games, mean serious play

I’ve been working with Casino Games for about 2 years now. It had never been a strong field for me, but once I started, I loved it.  I am not a gambler, so for me, most games are unknown and that is what makes it more interesting. I’ve learnt so much about the games and this industry that today, I feel quite confident in the field.

Basically, my job is to proofread the rules and artwork of several types of games. From Roulette to Blackjack and the traditional pokies I’ve done a bit of everything.  First of all, I need to understand these rules so I’m confident I can identify possible errors. It requires a lot of communication with the client, I need to ask questions to make sure I’m not making any interpretation errors, which in this particular case, if you are not careful enough, can occur quite frequently.  But I believe that a good communication with the client is crucial to my profession, just assuming things and not asking question will, in my view, lead to disaster. On the other hand, it is also part of the job to answer questions from the client regarding notes that I may have made. It is a job that requires constant communication and that is something that a truly love.

Localisation is an issue in this type of job. As I have mentioned in a previous post, most times, I need to make the client aware of serious localization issues, such as words translated in another variant that won’t be recognised by the Portuguese player. This is very important for my client, since they have to ascertain if the rules are translated properly to be able to do their job of certifying these games. It is a serious responsibility, because there can’t be any errors, as they may mean losses for the companies involved.

It is a very challenging and interesting job, as it allows me to learn about a different industry and be involved with a team of professionals that respect and love to work with. I think this only shows that when you start your career you don’t know how it would turn out to be, you may start with a certain field and end up working in a totally different one. I guess this is the absolute beauty of being a translator.

Cátia Cassiano