Inês Lopes Bridges leaves Updated Words

Today, Inês Lopes Bridges leaves Updated Words. After more than 10 years working together, and almost 20 of great friendship, Inês decided to leave and pursue other business ventures. The professional cooperation may have ended, but our friendship is as strong as ever.

Inês was the co-founder of Updated Words and over the last 10 years, she has worked in this team, producing great articles, online activities and contributing with ideas for the Team. Since the very first day, our philosophy has been providing services of great quality and great customer service. This is still Updated Words philosophy.

The writer

Inês is an amazing writer. She has started writing at a very young age. She would write both in English and Portuguese. She has published two books. A novel in Portuguese called “Isabel” and an epic poem in English called ‘Until the End of the Word.”

“Isabel” is an intriguing novel about a French teacher and his struggles between his duties as a father and the love of his life. The book started by being serialized in the writer’s blog, but has now been published and can be purchased on Amazon.

“Until the End of the World” is an epic poem that talks about the love between a Portuguese King and a Galician made. She put her own touch to this legendary love story.

You can find more about both books in our Publications section and follow the link to purchase them on Amazon.

The Translator

Apart from her exquisite work as a writer, Inês is also a literary translator and she also does literary appraisals. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field and she is very dedicated to her job. You can keep following Inês on her personal page.

The Future

Inês Lopes Bridges leaves Updated Words today. She has decided to leave and follow another path. Personal and professional commitments didn’t allow her to commit as much as she would like and so she decided to leave.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank her for her work at Updated Words and wish her all the best in her new business ventures.

Catia Cassiano