Confidentiality is a very hot topic these days. We live in the social media world and we share information like never before. Most of our activities are done online and we always need to provide a lot of information. So, where does our privacy lay in all of this.

Sites and companies are obliged to have a privacy policy and they must guarantee they will protect your privacy at all times.

Confidentiality in the translation industry

Just like in any other sector, professional translators must protect your privacy at all times. A professional translator will have to comply with a Code of Ethics. Most of us are affiliated with an Association and to be accepted we have to comply with their Code of Conduct. Confidentiality is a part of that code.

When you provide your documents for translation, the translator shall use them solely for the purpose of completing their job. Even if the content of that document is to be on the public domain, such as press releases or the content of a website, the translator cannot disclose it.  If they breach their Code of Conduct, they can face disciplinary action by their Association, and of course a lawsuit from you.

How do you ensure your documents are kept confidential?

As a client, there are a few ways you can do to assure good practice and of course, confidentiality. It is very important that you are aware of all these steps, so you will know exactly what to look for.

First, you should always look for a professional translator. A translator that is a member of your local Association. This will ensure that person has the adequate qualifications for the job and also that they comply with a Code of Ethics.

Some clients, also opt by asking the translator to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. A professional translator will be very happy to do so, since it is already part of their common practice.

How do I protect your privacy and keep your documents confidential?

Privacy and confidentiality are very important for me.  I am a Certified Translator and I comply with CIOL Code of Conduct and AUSIT Code of Ethics. In both documents I am obliged to keep all your documents confidential.

For extra reassurance, I also put in place my Terms & Conditions. In that document I reaffirm my commitment to confidentiality. I never accept a job without having my clients approving my Quote and my Terms & Conditions. This way, I make sure my clients know I’m very serious about my business and even more so about their privacy and confidentiality of their documents.

I don’t store my clients’ details of any job files in any platform online or in the cloud. This will protect me and protect them.  Small measures like this will help us all keeping our privacy.