Apart but ever together

Apart, but ever together. This is one of the biggest contradictions of this global pandemic. We have to be socially apart, we can’t see each other or shake hands, because it is too dangerous and we put our life and others’ at risk, but, somehow, we’ve seen people being extremely creative and finding ways to be ever “together”.

In the workplace

A normal workplace environment is full of people. Teams work together in a certain department doing their tasks. These teams communicate with each other through meetings and there is no doubt, every workplace is a social place where people have close contact with each other.

This pandemic, and the restrictions imposed on us, due to COVID-19, took all that contact away. Or did it? Indeed, people can’t be face to face, but they have more meetings, so they keep seeing each other and having contact with each other. Sometimes we can get closer to colleagues we hardly had contact with, in the office. This was the case of one of my family members. She once told me, that she started having conversations with a work colleague that she hardly spoke to in the office and she said it was really good.

At home

Just like in the workplace, restrictions imposed by COVID-19 are greatly affecting our lives and the way we socialise.  Now, we can’t invite family or friends to come over our house for a barbeque, nor we can go over theirs. This is having a huge effect on our mental health and our life in general.

But he doesn’t need to be that way. Or, at least, it doesn’t need to be that bad. This is what has been happening around the world. People find creative ways to socialise and still be in contact with each other, and that is getting them ever together. Some families host online parties, where they can see each other and “socialise” the best way they can. Others, set up online exercise sessions with friends. These are not only a great way of meeting those friends, but is also a good way of exercising and it is mad fun. I have been doing this with a couple of friends, through a Herbalife program and it has been great.

People are creating all sorts of initiatives, like playing music and hosting balcony parties with their neighbours.  If there weren’t for the lockdown they may have never talked or have contact with those neighbours.


It is without a doubt that we can say we live in unprecedented conditions and that is affecting us dearly. However, “necessity is the mother of invention” and we managed to find ways of keeping ourselves connected and still be social.

In some cases, it made us connect with people we wouldn’t otherwise. That may be the beginning of many new friendships that will last way beyond COVID-19. That is the positive aspect we get from all of this. We have to be apart, but ever together.