The Portuguese Consulate Sydney

The Portuguese Consulate Sydney is a point of reference for foreigners who want to live or do business in Portugal and are currently living in Australia. It is also the point of reference for Portuguese citizens living in Australia. It is where you can submit applications, get documents, etc. I have been helping people with the translation of their documents for the Portuguese Consulate and I know it can be complicated, so I decided to write about it.

How to contact the Portuguese Consulate

My experience is, the best way to contact them is via email.  One of the biggest complaints I get from clients is that they never answer the phones. I know it is very frustrating and I have experienced it myself lots of times too. In fact, if you have indeed tried to call them, you must have heard their voicemail message referring you to their email address and asking you to send your queries via email.

How to visit the Portuguese Consulate

Years ago, it was possible to visit the Portuguese Consulate in Sydney without an appointment. Things have changed now. If you need to visit the Consulate, you will need to book an appointment through the “Citizen Portal”, on their website.

It will ask you to insert your Identity number. For Portuguese Citizens, that is their Citizen Card/Identity Card number. If you are a foreigner or you do not have an ID Card, you will be prompted to register online and then use the ID provided to book your appointment.

Note that, due to COVID-19, it is mandatory the use of masks inside the Consulate. They are open Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 1 PM, however, you won’t be allowed in after 12.30 PM. You may need to be aware of school holidays or the construction industry days off (they provide the links on their website), since the Consulate recommends people not to visit on those times, because it “may be very busy”.


The Portuguese Consulate has a list of NAATI Certified Translators in their website. However, the Consulate does not endorse or recommend any of those practitioners in particular, since translation is not a service provided by the Consulate. All documents submitted to the Portuguese Consulate that are not written in Portuguese must be translated by a NAATI Certified Translator. The signature of the Translator is then recognised by the Consulate.


The Consulate does not have an EFTPOS terminal. That means that all payments must be done in cash. If you want information about the price of your documents or application, you may contact them via email and ask, so you can be prepared to pay, when you visit for your appointment.

It is always important to ask as many questions as you can, so you get all the information you need before you go. It will save you time and means less visits.

Source: Portuguese Consulate Sydney