Supporting local tourism

Supporting local tourism is part of we can do to recover from this pandemic. The tourism industry has been highly affected by covid and lots of jobs were lost. Depending on where you live, you may not be able to travel abroad due to international border closures, but if you are not in lockdown, you may still travel and visit your own country.

Visiting places you didn’t know existed

Do you think you only find unforgettable places overseas? Think again! The reality is, most of us don’t know our own countries. You pay for expensive holidays abroad and sometimes we have absolute wonders right next door. Otherwise, why would people from other countries pay to visit ours? It makes sense right?

We all know the landmarks, the Sydney Opera House, the Belém Tower, the Colosseum, the Buckingham Palace. These are the places everyone knows and everyone visits, but do you know everything in your city? Have you ever visit your country top to bottom? I guess not! I certainly didn’t. So why don’t we start now?

Helping local business and local economy

A lot of these places are small towns with lots of small family businesses that provide great service. Visiting one of these towns will be a way of helping them survive. The local hotel, the restaurant, the grocery shop, the souvenirs shop, all of them lost income during this pandemic and our dollars will be very welcome.

Creating jobs and getting people out of welfare

If these businesses have more demand, they will certainly need more people and that means creating jobs. Unfortunately, a lot of people lost their jobs because of covid, most of them in the tourism, aviation and hospitality industries. In Australia, the government is supporting these workers with Job Keeper and Job Seeker payments. If more jobs are created, more people will no longer need these payments and be able to have a job.

Making a difference in someone’s life

In the end, you have visited wonderful places, you have learned a bit more about your country’s history and culture, you had a wonderful time and you helped make a difference in someone’s life. There’s nothing better than having a job and be a part of society, not having one has a terrible effect on the person. It goes beyond the financial stress, it is the mental stress and depression that comes with it. So, by helping these businesses, we are helping people getting back to work and feeling their best.

And you can do it all, simply by having a wonderful holiday!