Meet Bairrada wines

Meet Bairrada wines! This amazing region most famous for its sparkling wines, but you will also find amazing white and red wines you will love. Geographically located in the region of Beira Litoral it is very popular both for its food and for its wines. Wine production is quite small in the region, most producers are small-sized wineries that usually form cooperatives. Some of those small producers may also sell their wines directly to what they call “vinho da quinta” (farm wine). In recent years, these boutique wines have gained significant importance and popularity in the region. The small quantity does not mean lower quality, in fact, it is exactly the opposite. The wines from this region are exquisite and very popular not only locally but abroad.

The region

Located very close to the coast, between the cities of Águeda and Coimbra. This proximity to the coast means it has a very strong Atlantic influence and a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures and high precipitation in Winter and mild Summers due to the Atlantic influence. The soils are mainly limestone-clay and sand, ideal for Bairrada wines.

The grapes

This region has its own native varieties but you can also find international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The native white varieties produced in this region are Arinto, Bical, Cercial, Fernão Pires, which in this region is called Maria Gomes and is also the most planted white variety in the region, and Rabo de Ovelha. In the red varieties, you will find Baga, which is the predominant red grape in the region, Alfroncheiro, Jaen, Rufete and Touriga Nacional.

The wines

Bairrada is known for its sparkling wine to pair with the local cuisine. The reds produced from Baga usually present high acidity and vibrant colour and they are balanced. The whites are usually very delicate and aromatic. So, book your trip and come to meet Bairrada wines!

Source: Infovini