Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing! We all talk about it these days, and we all hear about it too. Without a doubt, if we want to get out of this pandemic and end lockdowns for once and for all, “doing the right thing” will help us get there. I would say it’s not rocket science, but rather common sense.

Some industries, like aviation, were severely affected and are now trying to do the best they can to do the right thing and get back to their profitable life.

Aviation put their arms up

Aviation has been one of the most affected industries by the pandemic, that is why when it comes to finding solutions it is always a sector that is willing to help. After all, it is fighting for its own survival.

According to an article on Australian Aviation 22% of the 789 employees questioned in a survey had received at least one shot of the vaccine.  This is, also according to the article, one-third of the sector’s workers. The survey included cabin crew, pilots, cleaners, baggage handlers and ground staff.

Thinking that the nature of their work put them at a lot of risks, it is easy to understand why they want to be protected as soon as possible. Plus, it is also their jobs on the line, the longer we stay closed, the more risks they have of losing their jobs.

Other industries

But more and more industries are coming forward and doing the right thing. Some banks, food processing companies and others are also encouraging their workers to put their arms up and get vaccinated. Some are even setting their own vaccination facilities for their workers.

The Aussie spirit

This is what I call the Aussie spirit. We are in a terrible crisis, but our country is no stranger to adversities. We fight deadly bushfires, we fight terrible floods and when we face these crises we stick together and we fight them together. So, now we are just doing what Aussies do best, we stick together and we fight this together. And if we do the right thing we will be out of it sooner.

Source: Australian Aviation