A path for freedom

A path for freedom has been established by governments. After almost 2 years of lockdowns, misery and death, it is time to think about a way out and plan for our freedom. Companies are also doing their fair share. They are highly affected by restrictions, so they understand the importance of working together to achieve our goals. In Australia, even sports clubs are stepping in and trying to help us get there.

But what is the path for freedom?

Information, education, vaccination is the path that leads us to a free life, or at least a covid normal life. I don’t think we will have the same settings as we had pre-covid. There will always be some precaution measures in place, but at least we will be able to socialise, work and do all those things we can’t do today.

It is a teamwork

But we need to work together. We can’t just bury our heads in the sand and think the problem will go away. It won’t. At the moment we have media misinformation, media manipulation and political interests interfering with the success of our efforts.

Journalists need to put political and economic interests aside and report the news accurately. As translators, we know too well the importance of context and impact in our job. When we translate we have to translate our message accurately, so it passes the same message as the original, but also in context, so it has the same impact on the target audience as it had in the source one, I believe journalists must use similar principals when reporting facts. They must be accurate to the facts and also be in context. Lately, I’ve seen them fail at this over and over. Especially to what vaccination is concerned. The focus on Astra Zeneca side effects was exaggerated, to a point that people were scared of taking it. Now, because of what is happening with the Delta variant, they come up encouraging us to take it. We must know about these side effects, but they need to be put in context, so we are accurately informed and able to make informed decisions. Ultimately, it’s our doctor that should be our advisor, not a journo or some social media guru.

We should all work together, we should get vaccinated, and we should be well informed about the current situation. Without politics, without mediatisation, just good accurate information. If we all do our fair share, we can start our path to freedom. If we keep running errant, we will never get there.