Holiday in your backyard

Holiday in your backyard, have you ever thought of that? In Australia, we have this habit of calling our country our backyard. I’m sure most of us have thought of it in the last 2 years, mainly because we probably couldn’t go anywhere else. But would you consider it otherwise?

Every country has beautiful places to visit, but it is a fact that, in most cases, those places will be better known by foreign tourists than by the nationals themselves and we wonder why. I think it comes to the same topic as my last article, we’re always looking for something different and exotic. I can understand that people love to discover new cultures and people. But that may mean they’re missing out on lots of great places right in their backyard.

Helps your local tourism

The pandemic may have helped us open our horizons to different choices and experiences. In certain countries, such as Australia, borders have been closed and people are unable to travel overseas. So, they started thinking about other options. The great thing about it is that they are discovering their own countries, finding amazing places and helping the local tourism that has been suffering dearly with this pandemic.

Lots of businesses in these local towns or villages are run by families, that without the income from visitors may be struggling to make ends meat. We can all understand how horrible that feeling must be. So, having a holiday in your country will not only give you the opportunity to discover the wonderful places you’ve got in your own backyard, but you might just be helping a family put food on the table.

It might be safer

Although vaccination rates are rising worldwide, there are still some places with low vaccination rates and high infection rates. So, choosing a destination in your country may also be a safer option. First of all, you know the situation in your country, so you make a much better-informed decision. Secondly, if something goes wrong, you won’t be in the hands of an insurance company, you will be covered by your national health system if you have one.

It might be just as exotic and exciting as a trip overseas, it may be even more exciting than an overseas destination and in the end, it allowed you to know your country better and help families struggling with this pandemic.