2021 comes to an end

2021 comes to an end, it sounds crazy because it looks like it just started. So it is time to make a balance of the year that was and start planning for the one ahead.

The year of hope

If anything, I think 2021 was a year of hope. The vaccines and the prospect of going back to some normality gave us that sense, that we were finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In a lot of aspects, it was, but it was also a year with a lot of bumps along the road. We had Delta, and in many countries, such as Australia, that meant lockdowns and more disruption. Now we have Omicron…

But apart from all this, airlines and the tourism sector continued to make plans and hope for a big comeback. Some borders were opened and the birds started flying. I guess apart from the negatives we still endured this year, I think it was a positive one, that meant hope for the brighter future ahead.

2022 is right around the corner

It is time to hold on to that hope and keep going forward. I think, that 2022 will be the year of change. If 2021 was the hope for change, 2022 will be the change we need. At least I hope it is.

The industry is ready for it and it seems like the governments are on board. We won’t see lengthy lockdowns anymore, unless we have a massive outbreak, or if the situation worsens dramatically, which I don’t think it will. So, it’s time to let it all be behind us and embrace the future.

Summer holiday closure

For me, it is also time for a break. I’ve got a few plans for 2022, that I will reveal when I launch the year in January. For now, it is time to announce that I will be on holiday from this Friday, 17th of December until Monday, 17th of January. I wish you all a very happy and successful new year.

See you in 2022!