2022 has arrived!

2022 has arrived! After a well-deserved break, here I am to help you solve your translation problems. With my batteries fully charged and ready to face the challenges of another year doing this job I love so much and that I’m so proud of.

New YouTube Channel

Once again, I have changed my YouTube channel. After a long process of assessment, I realised I needed to make changes in order to make it more accessible and appealing to you. So I pulled up my sleeves and started working. The result I think is phenomenal. To start, I have changed the name of the channel to The Flying Gadgets. And why The Flying Gadgets you may ask. As you know, before I become an aviation lover, I used to be petrified of flying, and for that reason, I used to call planes “flying gadgets” (geringonças voadoras in Portuguese), so, when it came to choosing a nice and funny name for my channel, it just had to be it.  The name of the vlog also changed to “The Gadget Report”. In my first episode, which will be published tomorrow I will explain the story behind the name. So, don’t forget to visit my channel tomorrow.  Every week I will bring you a look into the world of tourism and aviation with my little personal touch. But there is a change, from now on all contents will be produced in English only. After long consideration, I decided to stop producing the vlogs in Portuguese. Apart from being extremely time-consuming, I found that most of my viewers, even the ones in Portugal, preferred to watch the English version of it.

New Instagram

To be in sync with the Youtube channel and the content published my Instagram account will also change its name to Flying Gadgets.  There I will be sharing all content I produced. You can also find me there.

My plan

My plan though hasn’t changed much. In 2022 I will continue to help companies reach the Portuguese market. In a time when it’s so important reaching out to new markets, having the right plan and knowing how to get to those markets is crucial. I believe 2022 will be a very positive year for tourism and aviation, so we all have to be prepared to face our challenges and write this new chapter. I am ready for it!