Airbus wins deliveries for 2022

Airbus wins deliveries for 2021, that is the report from the World of Aviation. Boeing and Airbus have always been fierce competitors, over the years we have seen them competing for the best aircraft in the market. Their masterpieces must not only convince consumers, who will eventually fly on them but their clients, the powerful airlines, who spend billions to renovate their fleets with the best in the market.

Each year, they fight to get most orders and translate them into deliveries, because there are always cancellations.

Boeing struggled with delays and technical issues

According to the article from the World of Aviation, both companies struggled with the effects of the pandemic, however, both aim to go back to their pre-pandemic performance.

The article claims that Boeing registered 340 deliveries in 2021, which was more than the 157 deliveries reported in 2020. This increase, says the World of Aviation, is due to the return of the 737 Max, which had been grounded for 2 years because of technical issues. The aircraft is now approved to fly and the orders can now be fulfilled. Another factor impacting Boeing’s deliveries were successive delays on the 787 Dreamliner due to several manufacturing faults.


Airbus reported 611 deliveries in 2021, according to the article. This is an 8% increase from 2020 results and almost double Boeing’s deliveries for the same period. The company also registered an increase in orders, the article claims the orders doubled.

The final results

Although Airbus might have won the title for most deliveries, it seems like Boeing have done more sales with a gross total of 909 orders, 535 after cancellations. Airbus has registered 771 gross orders, which after cancellations result in 507. The result for the sales is not final, since Airbus has seen a massive boom in sales in December. The results will be announced soon.