Qantas boosts pilot training

Qantas boosts pilot training with its new simulator facility in Brisbane.  In a press release published on the 31st of Januar, the airline announced its new pilot training facility in Brisbane, with a capacity to train 900 pilots a year. This is great news for Qantas, once called the safest airline in the world and whose pilots have the reputation to be among the best in the industry.

The latest simulator technology to ensure the best training

The new facility is located next to the Brisbane airport where pilots will be able to train with the latest technology in terms of simulators. The four simulators have been relocated from Sydney, due to a major infrastructure project in the area. The Boeing 737, 767F and 787 Dreamliner simulators together with Dash 8 Q400 and a Q400 flight training device will provide pilots with the best training. Pilots can use them for their annual sessions of simulator training or specialised training when moving for a new aircraft type.

Easier and Cost-effective

According to Qantas, most of their pilots are based in the eastern States, this project will cater for those pilots who will be able to train in their hometown which means fewer costs for them and the company, making it also a very cost-effective measure. The Brisbane centre will be part of a major project. It is expected the expansion of the existing Melbourne Training Centre and the construction of a new flight training centre in Sydney. 

Great news for Australia and Australian pilots

Brisbane’s facility will be able to train the currently more than 500 Qantas pilots who are based in Queensland and also pilots from other states. It is also ready to welcome future pilots who join the Qantas Group. It also has a commercial purpose and it will be open to pilots from other airlines in the Asia Pacific region. This will boost jobs in the industry. The Centre will have 33 staff members, 18 of which will be new positions for highly skilled simulator instructors.

In my view, this is Qantas ensuring its high standards in terms of pilot training and once again leading the way in the industry, with home trained pilots, who have to undergo extensive training before they can fly a Flying Kangaroo.