Aussie food on Bonza

Aussie food on Bonza, that is the promise. Bonza is a new Australian airline  expected to launch sometime this year. The airline wants to be an alternative to existing airlines, but it won’t be competing directly as it chose routes that are not usually covered by them.

The “allstralia” airline

A new article from Australian Aviation, published last month, claims Bonza will not serve international brands on board their flights.  From the start, this airline wanted to be different and this is only another way of doing so.

The article says the airline won’t serve popular international brands, such as Coca-Cola and instead will delight its passengers with an “all-Aussie” food and beverage menu. This approach and also its aim to employ people who have recently lost their jobs in the industry, due to the pandemic, gave them the name “allstralia”.

This is certainly something that will be appreciated by the Aussie customer. In fact, Bonza’s CEO told Australian Aviation that they have surveyed their passengers through their app Fly Bonza and their social media pages. They asked them what they would like to eat or drink onboard Bonza. The article says that the results were clear. More than two-thirds of those who completed the survey said they would prefer local products.

Although the airline hasn’t chosen an onboard retail partner yet, which is expected to be announced in a few weeks, it seems to be decided that they will have to provide Australian made products. I think this is a great marketing strategy. The economy has suffered in the last few years, we’ve also seen the effects of relying on foreign products when something as serious as a pandemic strikes. Not to mention the importance of national products and manufacturing to keep jobs and the economy going. Then is just the facts we already know, our great Australian products. If you advertise for Aussies, this can only be a win-win!