British Airways helps disadvantaged people

British Airways supports disadvantaged people in the UK and around the world. The airline has had its own charity partnership with Comic Relief, since 2010. The project is called Flying Start. According to a press release published in March, British Airways has raised over £26 million (over $45 million) for Flying Start. £898,000 ($1.5 million) went to Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day

British Airways has also been involved in fundraising events to celebrate Red Nose Day. This year, crew members participated in the “trolley dash” event. In this event, British Airways crew members set off across several landmarks in London pushing aircraft trolleys. They rode across Buckingham Palace, Royal Albert Hall and the Houses of Parliament.

British Airways charity work

According to this press release, British Airways is involved in several projects. This year the funds raised by Red Nose Day will also help people in Ukraine. It will also include donations to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) that will help Ukrainian refugees around the world.

British Airways has also been responsible for flying aid and medical professionals to the war-torn country. The press release also says the airline is redirecting onboard donations to the DEC.

An airline helping the world

For me, this is a great initiative by British Airways. It is no secret that they are one of my favourite airlines, initiatives like this only make me like them more. I believe I’m not alone, millions of people like me appreciate a great gesture like this. Usually, we think of airlines in our happy moments, when we book that dream holiday and start planning for it. It is good to see that airlines think of people when they are most in need.

I think a lot of them do, and more and more we see the aviation industry being involved in great causes. They’re not only the company that takes us on our dream holiday, but they are also the company that helps people around the world to survive and that is remarkable.