737 Max may go!

737 Max 10 may go! World of Aviation published an article saying that Boing may need to give up on its 737 Max 10, the largest of the 737 Max family, due to regulatory issues.

The 737 Max has been involved in a series of accidents that caused the aircraft to be grounded from March 2019 to December 2020.

Max 10 is Boeing’s competitor to the Airbus A321 Neo

The Max 10 is the largest variant of the 737 Max series. It can carry a maximum of 230 seats, 58 seats more than the Max 7. Although it can travel a lower range of 6,110 km, 1,020km less than the Max 7. It is Boeing’s competitor to the Airbus A321 Neo, even though the Airbus has slightly better specifications. It can carry a maximum of 244 passengers, 14 more than the Max 10 and has a range of 7400km, 1,290 more than the Max 10.

According to World of Aviation, Boeing has had over 60 orders in the last 5 years for the Max 10, most of these orders came from American Airlines.

The problems

A new law introduced in 2020, has brought new requirements to flight decks. This law will come into effect in December this year. This means that Boeing needs to get the aircraft certification until December. The company is trying to get an extension of this deadline, just in case, it cannot get the aircraft certified before. If this extension is not granted and Boeing cannot get the aircraft certified, it would have to do a complete redesign of the flight deck.

Dave Calhoun, Boeing’s CEO, said he is willing to take the risk because he believes in the aircraft, but he also said that if he has to lose the fight, he would do so. Mr Calhoun also said that even though, there is a possible risk of the aircraft being cancelled he does not believe that would be the likely outcome.

Let’s just hope he is right!