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Boeing Report shows growth

Boeing Report shows growth for aviation. The American plane manufacturer released another Commercial Aircraft Finance Market Outlook (CAFMO), and in a press release it claimed that there been a recovery and increased demand for aircraft financiers and investors.

What is CAFMO?

Commercial Aircraft Finance Market Outlook or CAFMO is a report produced by Boeing where the company reviews the trends for aircraft financing, assessing near-term market dynamics and financing sources in commercial aviation.  This is an important analysis of the market and an even more important forecast of what lies ahead.

According to the press release, Boeing found that the majority of its deliveries in 2022 were cash funded. The article claim that this was due to the strong operational performance. But the company says that even though cash funding will still be a part of delivery financing, the use of capital markets is expected to grow.

Boeing Commercial Market Outlook (CMO)

In another report, the Commercial Market Outlook 2022-2041  the company makes its long-term forecast for commercial air traffic and aeroplane demand.  This is another very important report that, according to Boeing, has been a reference since 1961, providing insight into the future of air travel to stakeholders, such as airlines, suppliers and the aviation community in general.

The latest report shows that domestic markets have made a strong recovery in some regions while the international market takes off with the ease of restrictions across the world. It expects this to reach pre-pandemic levels by 2024. This shows a resilient industry where many domestic markets fully recovered or are near that level and an international market on the right path as well.

Another very positive aspect shown by this report is that, according to Boeing, approximately half of the passenger aircraft deliveries are a replacement for existing airline fleets. The article says that will be an important improvement in terms of fuel efficiency and sustainability.

The report also expects an increase in demand for freight carriers to sustain the supply chains.

If Boeing’s forecasts are correct, we are entering another positive period for aviation.