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Discover the World on your own

Discover the World on your own. This may sound like a very boring experience and total waste of money and time. Let’s face it we are social beings and we like to be around other people, but think again, having a break from society and our everyday lives and diving into the unknown can be a very exciting experience and in fact, can even help us discover ourselves.

The misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about travelling alone. It is true that YouTube and travel vloggers helped us see that it can be a great thing too. Although we cannot compare the work they do with our holiday trips. The majority of people think that going solo on a holiday is a rather boring experience, because they have no one to talk to and share their experiences with.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Plan your trip and have fun

A solo trip may be very rewarding and fun if it’s well-planned and reflects the needs of the person doing it. In fact, it can even be liberating. Just imagine, planning a trip, choosing all those places you wanted to visit for so long, with no tour guides, no one to control your time and visit, just you and your thoughts.

I have done a few solo trips when I was travelling to and from Australia a long time ago. I have very fond memories of those trips, the people I met, places I’ve seen. Yes, I was alone, but I think that was part of the adventure, getting out of my comfort zone and venturing out into the world. In my case, it was just during the trip itself, I did not stop in any country to explore it alone, but I think it would have been a fantastic experience.

You must choose the country and plan your trip wisely. Do your research and find all those hidden gems that the country may have to offer, don’t stick to the usual tourist traps that will only take your time and money. Go on an adventure, discover the culture and food of the place, meet the locals and you won’t feel lonely, but you won’t feel stuck on anyone’s agenda either.

The result may be that you open your horizons and discover a new reality, maybe way different from the one you got at home. You feel liberated and strong to face the challenges and you may discover yourself in the process. I honestly think a solo trip is a fantastic way to charge your batteries and restore yourself from daily life.