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Changing Tourism

Changing tourism for the better might look utopic but if we all do our share it is possible. If we are aware of the world around us and the impact our actions have on others, we can make better decisions and change our habits, which in time will change the culture.

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Uluru, a place of beauty and culture

Uluru, a place of beauty and culture that has been a symbol of Australia for a very long time. Its origins go back at least 30,000 years with the Anangu people. Known as Ayers Rock for some time in 2002 it was reversed back to its original name.

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Qantas at 80% pre-pandemic capacity

Qantas at 80% pre-pandemic capacity announcing additional flights to several destinations. On a week tainted by scandal with the airline being sued by the ACCC and also embroiled in a competition scandal, this seems to be an oasis for Qantas news.

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Bad Weather

Bad weather can be aviation’s worst nightmare. Although planes can fly above storms and avoid them during a flight, when they need to take off or land they can be severely affected if there is a storm. Flight cancellations will cause a flow-on effect that may take days to clear.