Real Estate post-Covid

Real Estate post-Covid. This is a question many ask these days. Either you are a homeowner struggling to pay the mortgage, a renter who doesn’t know if you will be able to afford the rent or an investor struggling with the social situation of their tenants and their own financial struggle, it is impossible notContinue reading

Translation and Covid

Translation and COVID. At a first glance, they may look totally unrelated, one is a terrible illness and the other is a language service that links countries and cultures. If anything, this pandemic showed us the importance of communication and being able to communicate faster and efficiently and with that came translation. Reaching out theContinue reading

Transferring your driver’s licence

Transferring your driver’s licence from overseas into a NSW licence requires a few steps. In some cases, you may need to pass a test, others you only need to provide your documentation. Eligibility You must start by assessing your eligibility.  Australian Permanent Residents or holders of a permanent visa can transfer their drivers licence intoContinue reading