Sharing experiences

Sharing experiences is a perfect way for one to grow professionally and as person. Socialising is healthy and it provides us with a continuous source of learning. If we do it with people in our profession it will be even more beneficial, since he will be sharing experiences, learning from our peers and teaching aContinue reading

Travelling around the world

Traveling around the world can be a wonderful experience. We visit different places, experience difference cultures, different foods. It helps us open our horizons and see the world in a different prospective. However, there’s a few things we should bear in mind when travel. We should be aware of cultural differences, possible localisation issues andContinue reading

Undesirable messages

Undesirable messages are something we all experience at some point in life. They may come via email, phone or social media. Social media platforms in particular are quite prone to this sort of message, specially Facebook, but you don’t expect to receive undesirable messages on LinkedIn, however, it does happen. LinkedIn is a quite reputableContinue reading

A leader

A leader is someone who encourages those in their team. Being a leader means being an empowering figure for a company. A boss should be a leader and not a tyrant or a bully. Although this is not something directly related to the translation industry, it is something I feel very strongly about and somethingContinue reading