A small step, a small victory, but still a long battle

Last week, the signatures collected as part of a Legislative Initiative by Portuguese Citizens, in order to remove the AO90 (Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese Language 1990) were tendered in the Portuguese Parliament.  Less than 24 hours later, this Legislative Initiative was made into a Project Law. It went from Citizen’s Legislative Initiative – AO90Continue reading

Professional Development – an investment on yourself

Professional Development, or PD as it’s usually referred as, is a very important part of life for  professional translators and interpreters. Having a course is not enough for most professions, including translators and interpreters. We need to be constantly updated in the new technological developments, new practices and regulations and of course we need theContinue reading

AO90 and the total linguistic anarchy

For all Portuguese speaking countries, the Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese Language 1990 (AO90) is no news. A lot as been said and written about it and it is a fact that no one is happy about it and some haven’t even applied it. What indeed has happened was that we were thrown in aContinue reading