AO90 and the total linguistic anarchy

For all Portuguese speaking countries, the Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese Language 1990 (AO90) is no news. A lot as been said and written about it and it is a fact that no one is happy about it and some haven’t even applied it. What indeed has happened was that we were thrown in aContinue reading

Localisation, how important is it

By definition, localisation consists in adapting a product or content to a specific place or market. There are several processes involved in it and translation is one of them. As a translator, I will focus this article on the translation aspect of localisation. Localisation is very important for translation. Just translating a document is notContinue reading

Certified Translation

In many countries, such as Australia, both Government and major companies  require the services of a certified translator.  In Australia, all documents in a foreign language to be submitted  as a part of an application to the Australian Government, must be translated and certified by a NAATI Certified Translator.  In other countries, the certified translationContinue reading