The price of deregulation

The price of deregulation in the translation industry is not only very high for the professionals working in this industry, but also their clients who end up with exacerbated costs. It lowers standards in the industry, leading to the exploitation of its professionals. And for clients results in bad quality translations, full of errors, thatContinue reading

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations differ from country to country. Some countries, like Australia, may have a system in place where a regulator body can certify translators, who subsequently certify their translations; but in some countries that may not exist and clients may have to follow a few steps. It is important that, before looking for aContinue reading

The value of translation

The value of translation. What’s the value of translation for a company? People may ask this question assuming translation has no value to their companies, and, therefore, they shouldn’t pay a premium for it. I read a comment from someone saying companies have “more important things to think about than translation” and they want aContinue reading

Client’s feedback

Client’s feedback is essential to any business. It is a very effective way to assess business performance and make changes if needed. In this day and age, companies can’t afford being disconnected from clients and their needs. They may spend lots of money on advertising, but if their overall performance is not good and clientsContinue reading