My prices are set according to the type and complexity of the job. All Quotes will be made based in this Price List.  For more information, please refer to my Terms & Conditions.

NOTE: Due to the situation with COVID-19, Certified Translation Services suffered a few changes. For safety purposes, all translated and certified documents will be posted and is no longer possible to pick up documents at my office. A Postage fee will apply, in accordance to the Price List and Terms & Conditions


Price (per word)
General Translation
Technical Translation
English to Portuguese$0.22
Portuguese to EnglishN/A

Content Production/Editing/Proofreading

DescriptionPrice/per page
Content Production/Editing
General Content*
(double spaced page)
General Content*
(single spaced page)
Complex Content*
(doubled spaced page)
Complex Content*
(single spaced page)
General Content$22.00
Complex Content$25.00
Special Formats
Scpecial Formats
(tables, charts, etc)
*excluding especial formats
** price shown is set per document

Certified Translation

DescriptionPrice/ Page
Single Copy
English to Portuguese$40.00
Duplicate Copies and Certification
Documents up to 20 pages
(5% surcharge)
Documents from 21 to 50 pages
(10% surcharge)
Documents with more than 50 pages
(25% surcharge)
Australian Express Post – Documents up to 500g
(Australia only)
* Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for Certified Translation services.
** Price shown is set for documents up to 500g, within Australia. For bigger size documents or outside Australia, Terms & Conditions apply.
All prices shown above do not include GST/VAT. GST/VAT will be charged when applicable.