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Qantas at 80% pre-pandemic capacity

Qantas at 80% pre-pandemic capacity announcing additional flights to several destinations. On a week tainted by scandal with the airline being sued by the ACCC and also embroiled in a competition scandal, this seems to be an oasis for Qantas news.

Competition and survival

Competition and survival are the mechanisms that will dictate the future of aviation post-covid. After 2 years of incredible disruption in the sector, it’s time to make a comeback and get back to normal as soon as possible. But the start may be bumpy for both passengers and airlines. The prices need to be competitive …

Competition in aviation

Competition in aviation is important to its survival. In the last year, the aviation sector was decimated by the pandemic, a lot of airlines went down and fortunately, some managed to survive. But we’re still not out of the woods yet, the situation is far from over and the industry is still struggling to keep …