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“Bonjour” Qantas!

“Bonjour” Qantas! This might be the greeting Qantas gets next year when its direct flights from Perth to Paris start operating. After its offering to London and Rome, now it’s the time for the French capital to be added to Qantas network. A partnership with WA Tourism this will boost WA tourism and allow Aussies to get to Paris faster.

Updated Words Translations

Qantas at 80% pre-pandemic capacity

Qantas at 80% pre-pandemic capacity announcing additional flights to several destinations. On a week tainted by scandal with the airline being sued by the ACCC and also embroiled in a competition scandal, this seems to be an oasis for Qantas news.

Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing! We all talk about it these days, and we all hear about it too. Without a doubt, if we want to get out of this pandemic and end lockdowns for once and for all, “doing the right thing” will help us get there. I would say it’s not rocket science, but …

The price of flights

The price of flights is a very hot topic these days. Some say they are extremely expensive but, in some cases, you’ll find bargains. Restrictions and border closures don’t help. In some routes, airlines aren’t able to operate at full capacity and that translates into higher prices. The usual offer vs demand model may be …