Degrees, Certificates and Other Qualifications in Translation

There’s much speculation whether in Arts and Languages qualifications are really needed. In subjective areas like Arts, especially, it seems degrees are useless and nothing but fillers because what matters is innate talent. In Languages, degrees are slightly more valued as they present “proof” of the person’s knowledge and ability. We have discussed previously howContinue reading

Transcreation: Where Translation and Copywriting Meet

One of the most relevant areas of both content production and translation is transcreation. Transcreation is the process of adapting a message to its appropriate audience. This means, where translation can’t fill in the cultural gaps, transcreation does. Chiefly used in marketing and advertising, transcreation is essential in the global economy where advertising campaigns mustContinue reading

Non-Binary Gender and Language

One of the recent issues facing the world of translation is how to make sure translations reflect the need for gender neutrality where this arises. With the reaffirmation of the rights of non-binary gender individuals, there’s a conscious movement to make sure people who don’t follow the conventional male/female gender are addressed in a respectfulContinue reading