Updated Words Team

Updated Words started as a team of two experienced professional translators. Living in different parts of the world, but working together committed and passionate about their jobs. Currently it is reduced to one member.

Our History

Updated Words team was founded in 2008 by Cátia Cassiano and Inês lopes Bridges. Two linguists and longtime friends, passionate about languages and their importance for communication worldwide. Our idea was working together providing clients with excellent service and quality.

In 2016, we welcomed a third member to our team, Margarida Sousa. Margarida had been in this industry for more than 20 years and she is a friend of Cátia’s for more than 10. An expert in legal and financial translation, Margarida helped the team grow providing more specialised services.

Sadly, Margarida left the team in 2017, due to personal reasons. The Team went back to its initial formation and continued working hard, in order to meet their clients’ needs.

In October 2019, the Team saw another member go. After more than 10 years of great work together, our co-founder Inês Lopes Bridges left the team to pursue another venture. With only one member, founder Cátia Cassiano, Updated Words will continue serving its clients and providing the best customer service.

Our Experience

I have more than 10 years’ experience working in this industry. That gives me a strong level of confidence and knowledge to be able to tackle any type of job. Also, it gives me maturity to know I still need to improve and work hard for my professional development.

I have been working with many companies and private clients. Among the companies I have worked with  iTech Labs, Air Timor SA, law firms, travel agencies and translation agencies. I have also worked with several private clients.

Our Philosophy

Since the foundation of this team, our main goal has always been quality and customer service. Now working alone, I keep these values very strong.

Having the right qualifications to provide the best quality work, not only gives me the confidence to work but it also reassures my clients I am the right person for the job. I invest in my professional development, so I keep myself updated and I never lower my standards.

A deep understanding of my clients’ needs is crucial for me. This way, I ensure I know the task at hand. I ask questions and I make a thorough analysis of each document I receive for quoting, so I can provide the right solution for my clients.

Transparency is the key for my business model. I provide my clients all information about my services, so they know beforehand what they are paying for, and most importantly how much they are paying for it. So, there are no surprises at Updated Words.

Ultimately, it all comes to one thing, customer service. At Updated Words I want my customers to feel special. I want them to be sure I know what they need and they can trust me to achieve those goals for them.