Virgin Atlantic departs Hong Kong

Virgin Atlantic departs Hong Kong. According to an article published in World of Aviation at the beginning of October Virgin Atlantic won’t be operating its flights from London Heathrow to Hong Kong. The article says, Virgin Atlantic claimed it was due to several factors, including the war in Ukraine.

A mix of war and covid

Since February Russian airspace has been closed due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That has disrupted flights that connect Europe to Asia and need to use that airspace. Before that, we had a global pandemic that affected aviation for 2 years.

In December 2021, Virgin Atlantic suspended its route to Hong Kong, from the famous European hub London Heathrow. Back then, the airline planned to resume the route in March 2023. Now, it confirmed this won’t happen and the route has been scrapped.

According to the article, this is mainly due to the closure of airspace. However, the airline also spoke about covid and the effect it has had on this route. The article says that Hong Kong has been one of the strictest countries when it comes to Covid. That led to significant cuts to flights operating to that Asian hub.

Virgin will close its office in Hong Kong

The article also says that the airline will also close its offices in Hong Kong. Virgin said that it was a “difficult” decision to depart the Asian hub after serving them for almost 30 years. They also said they were very proud of having done so. They added that the relationship between passengers and crews has been amazing over the years.

Virgin Australia had ended their connections to Hong Kong from Melbourne and Sydney, so the Asian hub could no longer serve that connection. With Virgin Atlantic’s departure, British Airways and Cathay Pacific will be the only airlines offering a non-stop flight from London to Hong Kong.

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