Welcome to 2023

Welcome to 2023! After a few weeks of pause, I charged my batteries, and I am ready to bring you more videos and articles about the wonderful world of aviation and tourism. I have a few surprises and a big announcement, so come with me and find out what 2023 will bring at Updated Words.

New Image

I have changed the image of my YouTube Channel and LinkedIn. I like to do something different every year, and I believe that having a fresh image is a great way to start.

I am extremely happy with the result. I wanted to create something that screams out aviation and I think I did it. The plane flying over the sea is one of those images that take you that that dream holiday.

New website

On Monday, I launched the new version of the Updated Words website. It was time to recreate the site and give it a fresh look. Again, I went for a clean template from Blossom Themes. I am extremely happy with the outcome and the technical support I received from Blossom Themes. My website has some special needs, such as translation, and sometimes templates can be hard to manipulate. They were very helpful, and everything went as smoothly as possible. I strongly recommend Blossom Themes.

The big announcement

After a horrible experience at Udemy, I have launched my brand-new Teachable School called Updated Words Learning.  Becoming a teacher was always on my to-do list, with this school I will be able to help the new generation of translators start their own businesses.

In 2023

In 2023, I will keep bringing you fresh news about tourism and aviation. It is my passion, as well as helping companies and private clients reach out to the Portuguese market. Your success is my success, so come with me on this adventure!