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More than 10 years working hard to help you expand into the Portuguese market!

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Updated Words was founded in 2008 by Cátia Cassiano and Inês Lopes Bridges. Two longtime friends and colleagues working together to provide great quality work and raise the bar in the industry. MORE

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Since the foundation of Updated Words, our philosophy has always been customer service, quality and transparency. MORE

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Transparency is very important to me; I publish my prices so you don’t get nasty surprises. Please check the full Price List and Terms & Conditions for more information.

25 ¢ wrd
General Translation English - Portuguese
$ 42 page
Certified Translation English - Portuguese
$ 25 page
$ 50 hour
Content Creation/Editing
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I love writing and here you will find interesting articles I publish regularly.

Updated Words

The price of flights

The price of flights is a very hot topic these days. Some say they are extremely expensive but, in some cases, you’ll find bargains. Restrictions and border closures don’t help. …

Updated Words

Competition in aviation

Competition in aviation is important to its survival. In the last year, the aviation sector was decimated by the pandemic, a lot of airlines went down and fortunately, some managed …

Updated Words

Afraid to fly?

Afraid to fly? The idea of getting on a plane makes you sick? I can relate to that, I couldn’t stand the idea of getting on a plane until I …