I am a NAATI Certified Translator from English to European Portuguese and I am very passionate about my job.

I love aviation, that is why I chose it for my specialisation. I love being in contact with people and how much I learn with them. Contact me, I am ready to help you with your next project!

About Updated Words

Our History

Updated Words started as a team of independent translators. Now Cátia is leading the boat alone!

Updated Words was founded in 2009 by two passionate translators and long-time friends, Cátia Cassiano and Inês Lopes Bridges.  We both understood the importance of great language services in today’s world and we were committed to providing them.

In 2016, we welcomed Margarida Sousa, who had been in the industry for more than 20 years. Margarida is also a long-time friend of Cátia’s and she brought another set of skills to the team, helping it grow.  She is an expert in Legal and Financial translation. Unfortunately, Margarida left the team in 2017, due to personal reasons. The team was back to its initial formation.

In October 2019, our co-founder, Inês Lopes Bridges also left the team to pursue another career path. After more than 10 years of working together helping clients around the world.

The founder Cátia Cassiano is currently the sole member of Updated Words and she is committed to continuing the Updated Words mission.

Our Mission

Quality, transparency and Customer Service have been our mission, since day one!

Since 2009, Updated Words’ mission was to provide the best customer service. 

Having the best qualifications and high ethical values has also been the rule since day one. We strongly believe that great qualifications and professional ethics will helps us stand out in the market, and will reassure you of our great quality and standards.

Having a deep understanding of the market and the challenges you face, allows us to know how to tackle those challenges and help you achieve your goals.

Being transparent and providing you with all information about our services. That will empower you to make an informed choice knowing that with Updated Words there won’t be nasty surprises at the end of the project.

Ultimately, it all falls into one category, customer service. We want you to feel special because you are!

About myself

Cátia Cassiano


I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, I moved to Sydney in 2006 where I completed my qualifications and started my career. I founded Updated Words in 2009 and I’ve led the team with passion ever since.

I am a NAATI Certified Translator from English to European Portuguese (CPN1CX65R), a Chartered Linguist and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (MCIL CL 26759). I am a strong advocate for Association affiliation as a way of raising the standards in the industry. I believe in great professional ethics, transparency and professionalism. I invest in my professional development so I can give you the best service.

I am a perfectionist, so when I start working on your project, I will treat it as if it was mine. Because it is my duty to go above and beyond to make sure I know your needs and I represent them in the best way possible. I am a great communicator and I like to ask questions, so I get all information about you and your project before I start.  There’s no second best for me, I must do the best job every time!

I specialise in Tourism and Aviation. I have helped several travel agencies and I helped an airline for about 8 years. I can be versatile too. So much so that I am currently working in a totally different field,  Casino Games Online. I have been helping a company in this industry for more than 6 years and I love what I do.  I am an expert in documentation and Certified Translation* and have helped companies and private clients with their applications to the Portuguese Government.

On a personal level, I love aviation. Maybe that is where my specialisation comes from.  Recently I launched a YouTube Channel called The Flying Gadgets and every week I publish my Gadget Report.  This is a funny way of talking about aviation and my love of planes and airlines.

I am also committed to my industry and helping my fellow colleagues is another thing I am very passionate about.  In 2021 I launched a Course to help those who are now starting their careers to set up their business plan. The course has since been withdrawn. I have changed platform and I have now published 2 Courses that will help my colleagues start their careers. One is focused on the academic side of becoming a translator and the other is a business course. I am committed to continuing my work to improve the standards in the industry and to help you and my colleagues achieve your goals. Your success is my success!

I love connecting with other people. So come and have a chat with me on my Social Media pages! 

C.V. can be provided upon request.
* For Certified Translation Services, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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