Terms & Conditions


This document sets out the rules and regulations that govern the Updated Words team. Updated Words is a team of independent translators and should not be deemed to be a Company. Clients contact our members individually and if they chose to contact the team through the general email address, they will be referred to the best suitable professional to fulfil their requirements.

All clients shall be served a copy of this document together with the Quote for the work required. All jobs will be accepted, only upon approval of the Quote for the service to be provided and this document. Non-approval of one or both will cause the work to be refused by the translator. The approval of this document presumes it was read and understood by the client and Updated Words’ members are not responsible for any misinterpretation or failure to read the document.

Code of Conduct

1      All our members comply with a code of conduct set by the bodies they are affiliated with or the country of their residence. These codes of conduct will set out the rules that govern all language professionals under their jurisdiction. Updated Words complies with AUSIT Code of Ethics and Chartered Institute of Linguists Code of Professional Conduct.  Breaches of this code may be reported to the respective bodies.

Legitimacy and Legality of the Proposed Work

2      The translator shall refuse any job if he or she is satisfied that the document to be translated is not legitimate or is part of or assists with any illegal activity.


3      As set in the Code of Conduct mentioned herein, all information obtained by the translator in order to carry out his/her work is private and confidential. He or she shall not disclose any such information to a third party under any circumstance.


4      The client shall provide the translator with the document for quoting. The quote is to be done according to the type of document, size and complexity. The price shall be set according to Price List provided in the Updated Words Official Website. The quote should also set the duration of service.

Quote approvals

5      After being served with the Quote the client should notify the translator of its approval as well as the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. That notification must be done in writing and it should mention that both documents are approved by the client.  No work will be accepted without the approval of both documents.

Approval of the quote sets delivery date

6      Once the Quote is approved, the delivery date is set according to the duration of work specified therein. Work is set to start immediately after Quote approval, or otherwise when agreed by both parties.

Business Day

7      Each member sets their business hours. These must be available at the member’s profile page. The Team’s business days are set as from Monday to Friday, except Public holidays. The translator can work out of his regular business hours if he or she thinks fit. Please refer to Clause 8 and 9 of this document.

Urgent Work

8      A client may require urgent work. In that case he or she will incur in a 10% surcharge due to urgency. Business days will be maintained unless agreed otherwise. The translator may waive the surcharge payment if he or she thinks fit.

Extra Time

9      The client may require the translator to work extra hours. If that is agreed between the two parties, the translator will work out of their business hours. A 15% surcharge will be charged in that case. The translator reserves the right not to accept working extra hours. A translator may waive the payment of the 15% surcharge if he or she thinks fit.

Delivery Time

10    All works will be delivered at the set delivery time shown in the Quote.

Failure to meet the delivery date

11    If for any reason the translator is unable to meet delivery date, he or she should notify the client in writing of that delay. The translator should then take 10% off the agreed price, if it’s proven the delay was the translator’s responsibility. The client may waive the payment of the 10%.

Changes and alterations

12    Quotes shall be prepared based on the first document sent to the translator (original). If the client needs the original document to be modified in any way, he or she should notify the translator and submit the alterations to be quoted. The new quote should be done according to clause 4 of this document. The new quote will be added to the price set on the original quote. The translator will set a new delivery time due to the alterations proposed.

Certified Translations

13   According to Australian Law, certified translations of documents can be done by a NAATI Certified Professional. The translation is made based on the original provided by client which will then be certified with the stamp and signature of the translator. A copy of the original will be printed out on the reverse page and will also be stamped and signed. Any alterations made to the original without the translator’s knowledge won’t be certified and the translator is not responsible for any damages resulting from such alterations. Certified translations must be done according to the legislation of the translator’s Country of residence. The client must notify the translator if he or she requires a translation to be certified. The translator must be a Member of NAATI (or equivalent) to be capable of certifying translations. If the translator incurs in any payments regarding the certification of a document, he or she should charge the client for that amount upon presentation of a copy of the receipt.

Duplicate Certified Translations

14    The client may require a duplicate of the translated document to be printed and certified. In this case the client will pay a surcharge for printing and certification services. This surcharge is set according to the size of the document and it will be 5% for documents up to 20 pages, 10% for documents between 20 and 50 pages and 25% for documents containing more than 50 pages. The translator may wave the payment of the surcharge if he or she thinks fit.

Postage Fee

15    The translator may be required to post a certified translation from time to time. The document will be sent by registered express post and the tracking number shall be sent to the client. The client will be charged an $8.30 postage fee (Australia only). For clients overseas, the fee will be charged upon presentation of a copy of the receipt or receipts with all the charges incurred by the translator, as per Clause 13 or this document.

Internet Disruption

16    Updated Words team is not responsible for any delays due to problems regarding Internet servers and email providers. If a client fails to receive a document due to technical problems on the email providers, the translator is not liable for any compensation.


17    Payment should be made in the method agreed between the parties. The translator shall send the Invoice to the client containing his/her payment methods. The payment shall be made within 7 days after the work is delivered (due date shown in the Invoice). The client shall notify the translator once payment is done, providing a copy of the transaction details. Late payments will incur in a 20% surcharge. For bigger works (books and documents bigger than 150 pages), a 10% Deposit will be required to be paid upon Quote approval. This amount will be deducted from the total price for that particular job. In this case work will not commence until prove of deposit payment is received.


18    Taxes will be charged if required, pursuant of the Law of the translator’s country of residence.