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Connection flights

Connection flights can be stressful if not planned well. A little research and a thoughtful plan are all you need to go through your long-haul flights without a hitch.

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More KLM flights to China!

More KLM flights to China! The airline is increasing the frequency of flights to Greater China, in response to the easing of restrictions in the country. This is a great opportunity for those planning to visit China in the incoming months.

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Qantas supports World Pride

Qantas supports World Pride and hosts a special flight from the U.S. to Australia in time for the World Pride Festival and Mardi Gras, in Sydney. To add to that the special flight was also an environmentally friendly one.

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My previsions confirmed?

My previsions confirmed? The last Gadget Report of January spoke about my previsions about what could be 2023 for the aviation industry. Because that was just a personal view I even challenged myself to revisit the video at end of the year, so I can confirm or deny those previsions.  A few days later, I …

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Direct route

Direct route. In recent years, some airlines started offering flights they claim to be a ‘more direct route”. For example in Australia, where almost all international destinations mean a long-haul flight, this might have looked like a perfect marketing campaign for those airlines. But is it? What is a “more direct route”? A more direct …

Japan welcomes tourists back

Japan welcomes tourists back. After a long period of restrictions due to Covid, Japan has finally eased their 50,000 visitors a day cap and visa requirements. According to an article from Australian Aviation, visitors can now travel to Japan without the visa requirement. This requirement meant that if you wanted to travel to Japan, you …