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Ethics, safety, or just reviews?

Ethics, safety or just reviews? We usually have a certain set of criteria when we choose certain things we buy or services we engage in. Depending on the importance of these products or services these criteria may be more or less stringent, but one way or another there’s always some thought put into it. When choosing your flights what are your main requirements? What do you look for? Is it the reviews? Is it the price? Or do you go beyond those and look for something else?

I am sure that if it’s a very short domestic flight you might not be as demanding as if it is a long-haul flight to the other side of the world. So what’s your criteria?

Reading reviews and travel websites

Today we have a lot of information at our disposal, we can read about airlines and their services almost everywhere we look. Apart from the usual Google reviews or other review sites, we can find lots of travel blogs, YouTube channels and social media pages, where people provide their opinion about a particular airline and their experience with them.

This is a very important tool, and even though some may claim there are lots of fake reviews out there, there are also plenty of genuine good and bad reviews that not only provide that particular airline with feedback about their service but also inform other customers about the airline.

Checking for safety standards

Safety is another very important aspect to take into account and that can also be found on aviation websites. Airlines are usually rated by their service, safety, food and many others. Airlines with good ratings will get recognition within the industry and that of course brings them more customers.

During the pandemic, there was even a new rating created to evaluate airlines in terms of “Covid safety”. This would tell customers if the airline’s hygiene practices were in sync with the WHO recommendations.

These ratings are important and we all agree it is something we should always take into account. We don’t want to fly with an airline that does not have good safety standards.

But, what about ethical values?

This is a particularly important one for me. It has determined the airlines I talk about in my articles and videos and the ones I won’t fly with, even if they have good ratings in all other categories. I believe it is important that we, as customers, make our voices heard when it comes to ethical values.

For example, for me, it is important to know I am flying with an airline that is actively working on reducing its carbon emissions and has a good environmental policy in place. I know a vast majority of the airlines are involved with this type of program in one way or another, but I make sure I know how much and what they are doing.

Human rights are another big thing for me, and as I woman I don’t fly airlines where I know women might be poorly treated or discriminated against. I also check for their policies and news about their treatment of employees. I won’t choose those airlines even if it means I may be paying more for my ticket.  Why do I do this? Because I believe people come first and I do believe we all should be treated decently and respectfully.

So what about you? What are your criteria? Do you consider ethical values too?