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Please fasten your seatbelts…

“Please fasten your seatbelts and keep your seat upright for take-off and landing” If you are a frequent traveller I am sure you heard something like this many times. But what about when the seatbelt lights are off? What does that mean and what should we do?

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Dehumanising services

Dehumanising services and using language to create abstract concepts that lead to devaluation and distancing between the service provided and the human who provides it. It a marketing trend seen across all industries where both workers and consumers or clients are reduced to abstract denominations.

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“My God, it’s a woman!”

“My God, it’s a woman!” is the name of the autobiography of one of Australian Aviation’s pioneers, Nancy Bird Walton. In a time when women were discouraged from having a career or even wearing pants, becoming a pilot was something considered quite remarkable!

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Ethics, safety, or just reviews?

Ethics, safety, or just reviews? What do you take into consideration when choosing your flights? We are all different and we all have different needs and standards, so when we book our flights we might have different criteria. What is yours?

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What were your best holidays?

What were your best holidays? Holidays are about enjoying ourselves and collecting good memories. The best holidays may be different from individual to individual but in the end, we all look for the same joy, for the same fun and memories.

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Customs may cause a bit of anxiety to travellers. But if you know the rules and you fill out all the paperwork correctly it can be a breeze. Information is the key and you should know all information before your departure.

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Meal time! This is always exciting, but when we talk about mealtime inside a plane, all that excitement may vanish in a second. For some, eating during a flight is a horrible experience. Let’s see why.