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Skytrax Names Changi the Best Airport 2023

Skytrax names Changi the best airport 2023. World of Aviation published in an article dated March 2023, that Changi International Airport has been awarded by Skytrax the Best Airport 2023.

According to the article Changi has been hit by the pandemic but it is now returning to almost pre-pandemic levels. Edward Plaisted from Skytrax says Changi has now reached 80% of pre-pandemic levels.  Mr Plaisted also says that this award is in recognition of the airport’s incredible work and popularity with travellers.

An Asian hub

Changi is one of the major Asian hubs. It redistributes traffic from Europe to Asia and the Pacific. Most European airlines choose Changi Airport for its location and accessibility to other parts of the world. The airport is very easy to navigate, and staff are amazingly friendly.

My experience

I had the opportunity to visit Changi a long time ago when I went on a trip to Portugal. We loved the experience at Changi. We had a few hours’ wait on the way there, so that meant a lot of time to explore. Even 10 years ago, the free internet was really fast, and we enjoyed the free computers available everywhere. If you need to send a quick email or update your family on your trip and arrival times, having a computer comes in really handy.

You get lots of restaurants and shops and lots of variety too, so you never get bored. The greenery around makes it a truly beautiful place to visit too.

On the way back, our travel agent got us a nice stopover and a night at the Changi Airport Hotel. Another great experience. If you are an aviation lover like me, sleeping in a room where you have an uninterrupted view of the airport runways is definitely something to remember. And the triple-glazed windows meant you could see the birds without hearing their noise.

This is a well-deserved award for an airport that is easy to navigate and offers plenty of options for travellers.