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What were your best holidays?

What were your best holidays? Did you have a very special holiday you will never forget, or you cannot name just one occasion and you have several places that you can call your best holiday? I think for most people is the latter. Throughout our lives we visit places that we enjoy and have fond memories of and all those places are “our best holidays”.

What makes the best holiday?

So, what is the best holiday? What makes a particular holiday the best? In most cases, I think the best holidays are those which leave you with the best memories. It may not be that expensive trip to Hawaii or Phuket, it may just be a family trip to a village in your country.  Somewhere where you felt happy and relaxed. Those family trips when you were a child to the village where your parents were born, or where your grandparents lived.

These are memories that stay forever. Waking up and going outside to feel the fresh air from the trees. Having a nice breakfast with fresh eggs from your grandmother’s chickens, go to the field and pick up fresh tomatoes and corn. I believe most Portuguese my age have memories like this. I also believe it happens the same in a lot of other countries.

So what makes the best holidays? Is it the memories, or it is the place? Is it the people you travel with?

The memories remain with you forever

I believe what makes the best holiday is the memories you make. You can take one thousand photos, you can visit one million places, you can meet one million people, and that may not be your best holiday. You may forget about it years later and the only memories you got of it are those thousand photos you took at the time.

Your best holiday will stay with you forever. The memories of the places you visited, the food you ate and the smells, the people, everything. That feeling that you were fully happy there and you wished to go back one day. That memory is always there as if you had just come back from it. That is your best holiday, that is the one you will never forget!