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What were your best holidays?

What were your best holidays? Holidays are about enjoying ourselves and collecting good memories. The best holidays may be different from individual to individual but in the end, we all look for the same joy, for the same fun and memories.

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Meal time! This is always exciting, but when we talk about mealtime inside a plane, all that excitement may vanish in a second. For some, eating during a flight is a horrible experience. Let’s see why.

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Boeing Report shows growth

Boeing report shows growth for aviation. According to Boeing’s CAFMO report, there has been another year of growth for aviation financing. The opening of some domestic markets helped boost confidence in investors.

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Connection flights

Connection flights can be stressful if not planned well. A little research and a thoughtful plan are all you need to go through your long-haul flights without a hitch.

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More KLM flights to China!

More KLM flights to China! The airline is increasing the frequency of flights to Greater China, in response to the easing of restrictions in the country. This is a great opportunity for those planning to visit China in the incoming months.