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Lufthansa renews its fleet

Lufthansa renews its fleet and moves forward towards a green, more comfortable future. In a press release published in March, French plane manufacturer Airbus announced it had signed an agreement with the German airline Lufthansa, for the expansion of its fleet.

A move towards zero emissions and comfort

According to the article, Lufthansa will purchase 10 Airbuses A350-1000 and 5 Airbuses A350-900. The article also mentioned that this is a move to reinforce the airline’s commitment to decarbonise aviation. It adds that it is also a step towards a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for passengers due to the amazing cabin amenities and comfort onboard.

The A350 family

The A350 is considered the latest generation widebody aircraft. Produced with comfort and climate in mind, it will for sure be one of the favourites among airlines around the world and a best seller for Airbus.

This amazing aircraft can accommodate from 300 to 410 sits in a 3-class arrangement. It has wide windows with panoramic views for those who love to see the beautiful sky outside. Large overhead lockers to accommodate everyone’s carry-on luggage. But that’s not all, passengers on board the A350 family will enjoy the latest generation in-flight entertainment system and onboard WI-FI, clean air every 2-3 minutes with its state-of-the-art HEPA filters and a balanced temperature throughout the flight.

On a more technical note, and according to Airbus factsheet, the A350 family is the quietest widebody cabin with 50% noise footprint reduction. Consume 25% less fuel and CO2 compared to previous generation aircraft. Equipped with the most efficient large engine in service, the Rolls Royce Trent XWB. It has a range of 17,964.4 Km or 9,700 nautical miles in a ULR (ultra-long-range) configuration.

This is just another positive step for aviation and proof that it is possible to achieve green aviation.