Holiday Season

Holiday Season is here! 2020 is almost over and we all agree it’s good riddance! Now, it is time to make a balance of the year that was and start planning for the year ahead.

2020, a year of challenges

For Updated Words, 2020 was a year of challenges. I believe it was the case for all businesses, as we all had to run our business and deal with a global pandemic and its effect on the world’s economy. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and launch a YouTube channel. I’ve always been camera-shy, and this wasn’t easy. On my first video, I was so stiff it looked like I was reading news. Looking back now it makes laugh watching it. I learnt a lot. I did a video editing course and I’ve been watching tutorials from other YouTubers, so I can improve my channel make better content for you. So far, the experience has been really positive. The camera-shy me is now at ease with the camera and enjoying doing it. There’s still a lot to improve though…

Plans for 2021

Again, I’ve got lots of plans for 2021. I will announce them in January, but for now, I can tell you to expect massive changes on Updated Words in all fronts. I took the “bizarre year” to make changes and revamp Updated Words completely, so expect a great change!

I’ve also been working on a few projects to be launch in 2021. I aim to keep helping you achieve your goals with my expertise and professionalism. I use those tools to your advantage and I can say I am a very happy person when see you get where you wanted.

Holiday season closure and season’s greetings

Before I go, I would like to tell you that I will be on holidays from Friday the 18th of December 2020 until Monday the 18th of January 2021. I’d like to thank you all for the preference and support over the years.

Lastly, I want to wish you a very happy holiday season and a very prosperous and successful new year. May 2021 be a great year to make us all forget about what 2020 was!

See you in 2021!