The new financial year

The new financial year starts today. Usually, this is a time for companies to make a balance and it’s also time to visit the taxman. At Updated Words, it is time to introduce some changes. It’s been a long tradition of ours to review our practices regularly and make changes when needed. This is to ensure we are always working to keep our very high standards.

New working hours

Since I became a mother my working hours have been reduced. Although I’ve always tried to be here for you as much as I could, I also needed to be there for my daughter and therefore, I needed to establish a balance between the two. I think I achieved that in the last 3 years. I have been here to help you when you needed me, but I have also been here for my daughter, helping her to develop and grow a happy child. Now her routine as changed and I believe I can change mine as well. I can change things and start getting my working life back to normal. So, from today, my working hours will return to 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Thursday.

For more information about my working hours, services and Terms and Conditions, please visit my professional profile.

YouTube Channel facelift

In January I introduced Updated Words’ new YouTube Channel. This has been something I had been planning for a while. People want video content, some like to read but most prefer to have a video they can watch on the way to work. The channel aimed to fill that gap bringing that content to our possible clients and colleagues. Over the past 6 months, we had our weekly conversations, where different subjects were discussed. One of the highlights was the series about COVID-19, where I provided viewers with an insight about working from home. However, and, obviously, due to my lack of experience in the field, our weekly conversations are still not as good as I wanted them to be. Aware of that fact, I worked hard to make some changes and make it more appealing and interesting for you. So after a video editing course, I am now prepared to take our channel further. As of today, the Updated Words YouTube Channel has suffered a facelift. I introduced a new colour scheme, new openers and more interesting videos, with effects and other interesting additions. So, stay tuned, next week we will have our first conversation in this new model.

Happy new financial year.