Boosting Australian aircraft maintenance

Boosting Australian aircraft maintenance could be a great investment in the future of aviation in this country. Our airlines have a great reputation and having a strong aircraft maintenance industry could only add to that.

Years ago, Qantas closed its maintenance facility in Melbourne and moved its operations offshore. It was a sad day for this industry. Lots of aircraft engineers lost their jobs. But now, after this pandemic and a lot of aircraft being grounded for so long the industry is evolving and there is an increasing need for aircraft maintenance.

New Aircraft Maintenance Degree

A few weeks ago, Australian Aviation announced the creation of the first Aircraft Maintenance Degree in Australia and third globally. The project is a partnership between CQUniversity and Aviation Australia. The three-year course will be delivered by both Aviation Australia and CQUniversity, 50% each.

The aim is to tackle the increasing demand for licensed aircraft maintenance engineers. The course will award students with a Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Aircraft Maintenance – Avionics) and a Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. According to the article from Australian Aviation, this is the only course available in Australia that is approved by EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency.

The future of aviation

This could mean a great future for Australian aviation. It provides those who would like to embrace this industry the possibility of a great career, doing what they love and a course that is recognised not only in Australia but overseas.

After the pandemic and its negative effects on society, it might be the hope we need for a job in the future. Aviation is evolving very fast and we need new people to deal with the challenges of that evolution. This new degree could be the response to those needs.

Now we need airlines to embrace this project and invest in maintenance facilities in Australia to accommodate these new highly-skilled engineers.

Source: Australian Aviation