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Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to 2024! The new year is always an exciting time for everyone. We usually make plans and start fresh after a little pause. That is exactly what I did over the last 4 weeks. I have enjoyed my time off to relax and plan the new year ahead and now I am here to …

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Helping passengers with special needs

Helping passengers with special needs must be a priority for any airline. Facilitating the communication is part of that effort. British Airways paired with SigncodeUK in an effort to provide easily accessible announcements in British Sign Language (BSL) for Deaf or hard-of-hearing passengers.

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“Bonjour” Qantas!

“Bonjour” Qantas! This might be the greeting Qantas gets next year when its direct flights from Perth to Paris start operating. After its offering to London and Rome, now it’s the time for the French capital to be added to Qantas network. A partnership with WA Tourism this will boost WA tourism and allow Aussies to get to Paris faster.

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Testing emissions

Testing emissions to evaluate how SAF can be the solution to reduce aviation carbon footprint is a joint mission from Boeing, NASA and United Airlines with the support of FAA, GE Aerospace and the German Aerospace Centre. Understanding how SAF performs in comparison to regular jet fuel is the key to evaluating its benefits and setting strategies for aviation going forward.

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The happy picture

The happy picture is usually a way to remember a lovely place or moment in our lives. We all do it. When we travel we must be aware of regulations so our happy picture doesn’t end up in an expensive heartbreak.

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Changing Tourism

Changing tourism for the better might look utopic but if we all do our share it is possible. If we are aware of the world around us and the impact our actions have on others, we can make better decisions and change our habits, which in time will change the culture.

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Uluru, a place of beauty and culture

Uluru, a place of beauty and culture that has been a symbol of Australia for a very long time. Its origins go back at least 30,000 years with the Anangu people. Known as Ayers Rock for some time in 2002 it was reversed back to its original name.