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Every gesture counts!

Every gesture counts! If we want to fight climate change and take action to save the Planet, every little gesture counts. We have seen how aviation has been committed to this cause. The industry is working actively to reduce emissions and get to net zero as soon as possible.  SAF and other measures are a huge part of that effort, but that alone won’t get us there. So we need more…

Single-use plastics

Plastic is one of our biggest cancers. It’s everywhere. We became addicted to it in a way, we use it for everything, but do we really need it that much? I don’t think so.

Airlines are without a doubt guilty of single-use plastics. Especially after 9/11 when cutlery and glass were removed for safety reasons. But there’s more, they use plastic to wrap their blankets, they use plastic bottles and many more things that can easily be replaced by something sustainable.

Last month, British Airways published on their social media a new initiative that will be a massive reduction in those pesky plastic bottles. The airline will be putting Brita taps with purified still and sparkling water in their lounges. The airline will also be removing the plastic packaging from their World Traveller Plus blankets. In the report published at BA Better World the company claims it has reduced the single-use plastic by 20 tons in 2022.

It’s a start, but we all need to do our share

This is a very good start, but a lot more needs to be done if we want to succeed in this battle against plastic. And that I believe, starts with all of us. We need to reduce the plastic we use, we need to think outside the box and start changing our habits. Taps in airports and public places would be a great way to end those pesky plastic bottles. It’s cheaper and more sustainable. I like to carry my own bottle with me and refill it when I need to. I never liked bottled water, so I guess for me it’s not a problem.

British Airways is doing great, and a lot of councils and other places are doing it too, but we all have a role to play in this, so let’s do it. Next time you’re out and about take your water bottle with you and help save our Planet. Remember, every gesture counts!