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It’s the end of the year!

It’s the end of the year! December is here and soon we will be celebrating the arrival of 2024. So, we reached that time where we made a balance of the year that was, never losing focus on the one ahead. It’s time to reflect and make changes to avoid making the same mistakes again. Use the negatives as lessons and focus on the positives so you can turn them into plans and then into actions.

2023 for the aviation industry

Overall, I must say that 2023 was a good year for aviation, things started to get back to normal and most airlines took the opportunity given by the very high demand to increase the number of flights and even create new routes or reestablish very old ones.  This was the case for British Airways with their new flights to Riga and Qantas with their new direct flights from Perth to Paris.

In terms of sustainability, I believe it was also a very positive year with more initiatives and programs to promote the use of SAF and to decarbonise aviation. It was truly refreshing to see the commitment shown by airlines, manufacturers and suppliers on this front.

But there were a few negatives as well, especially for our flying kangaroo. The last quarter of 2023 was very difficult for Qantas after being involved in a few scandals causing its former CEO to retire a few months earlier than scheduled, leaving the new CEO to clean up the mess. Hopefully, she can take the airline back to its former glory.

On a personal level

I never talk about myself, but I think I will open an exception today and I will talk about a few extremely positive milestones I reached in my career in 2023. I have launched my Teachable School Updated Words Learning with two fantastic courses that will help the new generation of translators start their careers with confidence. I have also been accepted as a Mentor at the AUSIT Mentoring Program. This was certainly a highlight for me since I have always wanted to help my industry. I have been helping two wonderful mentees and I hope I can keep helping more and more translators. My goal is to use my experience to empower them to start with confidence, avoiding the mistakes I made. Next year I will come back with more surprises on this front.

A break

Now it’s time to pack up my tools, turn off my laptop and have a break. I need to have some time to recharge my batteries and get ready to face 2024 with the same positive attitude and determination you all know. I will be away from Friday the 15th of December, and I will be back on Monday the 15th of January 2024. During this period I won’t be publishing my articles or videos and I won’t be available for work.

So, I wish you all a very happy holiday break and a very happy and successful 2024. See you all then!