Japan welcomes tourists back

Japan welcomes tourists back. After a long period of restrictions due to Covid, Japan has finally eased their 50,000 visitors a day cap and visa requirements. According to an article from Australian Aviation, visitors can now travel to Japan without the visa requirement. This requirement meant that if you wanted to travel to Japan, you would have to go through an authorised travel operator. Usually, you don’t need to do that to travel to Japan and a visa is granted on arrival. That is the case for Australian visitors. There are some exceptions, so if you wish to travel to Japan please visit The Japanese Government Website.

Great news for Australians

According to the article, this is great news for Australians. The article says that Brisbane Airport claims that Japan is in the top travel destinations searched by Aussies online, in the past 20 years. Without a doubt, Japan is a wonderful destination and surely Aussies know that.

The article says that Qantas will increase its services from Sydney this month. The airline has been offering 3 weekly flights between Sydney and Haneda (Tokyo). It will start operating 4 weekly flights from Melbourne and 3 weekly flights from Brisbane.

Jetstar has already resumed its flights from Cairns to Narita (Tokyo) and From the Gold Coast to Narita (Tokyo).  Virgin promises to launch a similar service next year.

New Zealand also welcomes the news

The news is also welcomed in New Zealand. According to the article, Air New Zealand operates 3 weekly non-stop flights between Aukland and Tokyo. The airline plans to double that frequency to 6 weekly flights by the 12th of December and will resume its daily schedule by February 2023.

Although all travellers need to be triple vaccinated or present a pre-departure negative covid test, this is certainly a step towards aviation normality.