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Qantas boosts engineering training in Australia

Qantas boosts engineering training in Australia with its brand-new Qantas Group Engineering Academy. This academy is a partnership between the Qantas Group and the leader in aviation training Aviation Australia. The academy will have two campuses, one at Brisbane Airport and the other at Melbourne Airport. Both locations have a strong presence of engineering from Jetstar and Qantas itself. Students can choose one of these locations.

The academy will train up to 300 engineers per year and it is part of a major investment from Qantas in recruiting and training. The airline has been long known for its state-of-the-art training and the quality of its pilots and engineers. Its pilot academy is also well renowned in the aviation industry and Qantas CEO said in a press release that this would be their pipeline of talent for the Qantas Group and Australian aviation more broadly. He also said the Group delivered 2 million of hours training in 2023 alone, reaffirming Qantas’ commitment to training and quality.

More jobs in the aviation industry

This is a great boost for the aviation industry. First of all, it will provide the much-needed Australian engineers to our aviation sector. I for one believe our airlines must have engineering facilities in Australia and their aircraft maintained in Australia. So, for me, this is great news.

Also, the country is going through a skill shortage at the moment, and having an academy that can help with that shortage by producing highly trained professionals will keep the great standards and quality we are known for in the aviation industry.

The Academy will also create a wide range of other jobs necessary to run it. This means a great opportunity for those who like to work in this amazing sector. I believe this is amazing news not only for the aviation industry but for our economy and job market.