Certify someone’s translation

Certify someone’s translation. Can a Certified Translator review someone else’s job and then certify it? No! A Certified Translator can only certify their work, it is no ethical or legal to put our stamp and certify a translation that we have not done ourselves. My experience Years ago, I was contacted by a client whoContinue reading

Certificar traduções de outrem

Certificar traduções de outrem. Poderá um Tradutor Certificado rever uma tradução efectuada por outra pessoa e certifica-la? Não! Um Tradutor Certificado apenas pode certificar traduções de sua autoria, não é ético ou legal colocar o carimbo e certificar uma tradução que não fomos nós a fazer. A minha experiência Há uns anos, fui contactada porContinue reading

Accreditation vs Certification

Accreditation vs Certification. What’s the difference and who are the best qualified? These are two questions I find myself answering frequently, these days. In 2017, NAATI introduced its Certification Program and discontinued its old Accreditation System. This was welcomed by a lot of practitioners, like myself, but it was also criticised by others. In thisContinue reading