Growing professionally

Growing professionally is essential to all professionals. It is what keeps us motivated and stimulated, and what leads us to do more and better. Without that growth, we would simply lose focus and be unable to achieve a fulfilling career. But is not always easy and it is better achievable for ones than for others, but, in my opinion, it is always achievable nonetheless.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a close friend of mine about working from home and the challenges of working for home. This is, without a doubt a very popular subject these days, since a lot of people are working from home due to the global pandemic. My friend also works from home, she loves what she does and she is an absolute expert in her field. However, she said that she would like to work with other people, as she feels she would grow professionally with that interaction. Although my reality is different from hers, I could certainly see her point.

A lonely job

Working from home can be a very lonely job. In some professions, there is very little interaction with peers. There is always interaction with clients but that is not the same thing. The person may love their job but after a while, they feel lonely and they feel they are not growing professionally. We need some interaction, and contact with others so we can share ideas and grow. Translators have that. We have networking events and professional development events to attend. Other jobs may be different.

How to interact with peers

Although every profession is different, I believe, if we want, we can always try to get in contact with peers to share ideas with.  Translators can find networking and PD events through their associations. Other professions, may not have that support network, but they may also find alternatives. They may look for forums dedicated to their industry. Forums are a great way of getting in contact with peers. You may start online, but some forums organise meetings where their members can gather and meet each other. These forums also provide a lot of information about the industries they are dedicated to, so they are also a great way of learning things. 


The best forms of professional development are courses and webinars. These are usually paid, but they are a great investment in our careers, hence they provide us with the knowledge to open our horizons and grow professionally. You may even find some free tutorials or webinars.

Working from home can be lonely and challenging, but I believe, it can also be very rewarding. One must find ways to keep connected with their industries and work hard for their professional growth, may be difficult for some, but with a little work, I believe it is achievable for all.